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List of Equipment

Seat and Guide Machines
Cylinder Boring Machines
Cylinder Honing Machines
Engine Rebuilding Equipment
Head and Block Surfacers
Crankshaft Balancers
Valve Refacers
Engine Boring Machines
Crankshaft Grinders
Flywheel Grinders
Jet spray Washers
Aqueous Parts Washers
Cylinder Honing Machines
Engine Dyno
Frame Jigs
Complete Welding Rigs


At its core, RPM is a high performance engine and chassis shop that can perform any task from a simple degreasing of your heads, block or crank to building complete turn key blown alcohol dragsters and funny cars. Our specialty is building and servicing gas or alcohol, carbureted or injected supercharged engines for use on the street, on the water or down the strip. But we also have vast experience with fast naturally aspirated engines.

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