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2026 Chicago Drive • Jenison MI • (616) 669-7883

List of Equipment

Seat and Guide Machines
Cylinder Boring Machines
Cylinder Honing Machines
Engine Rebuilding Equipment
Head and Block Surfacers
Crankshaft Balancers
Valve Refacers
Engine Boring Machines
Crankshaft Grinders
Flywheel Grinders
Jet spray Washers
Aqueous Parts Washers
Cylinder Honing Machines
Engine Dyno
Frame Jigs
Complete Welding Rigs

Our Shop

Our 6500 square foot facility in western Michigan is fully equipped with the latest high performance engine building technology. Most important, it’s also equipped with people who know how to use that technology to build the fastest, most powerful racing engines possible.


From mild to wild we are here to serve you!

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